Introducing Myself

This’s my first time to write on WordPress blog.  I’ll be waiting for your comment here. At the present, my age’s 30 years old. I’m still a single lady (never been married). I’m the oldest in my family and only have one brother (this year his age’s 21 y.o).

I came from Indonesian Moslem family, have been living in East Jakarta with my mom (59 y.o) and my brother since 29 years ago. Before, I lived in South Jakarta only for one year. My dad (58 y.o) just passed away on February 24th 2008 (three days before my birthday).

In my blood have two cultures. Because my mom came from Jogyakarta (Central Java) and my dad came from Cirebon (West Java) also Semarang (Central Java). But, I was borned in DKI Jakarta. My daily conversation’s Bahasa Indonesia not Javanese or Sundanese.

I’m a nice person, open minded, like adventure, spontaneous, like to please people, loves children world, sensitive, sometimes moody, to keep faith with a friend, dislike poetry (because it’s very confusing). My height’s 5′ 5′ (167 cm) with weight 142 lbs (68 kg), black eyes color and black curly hairs. I’ve been wearing a hijab (scarf) since November 30th 2003.

My hobbies are : browsing, chatting (sometimes), listening some musics (hip-hop, jazz and pop), watching movies (especially action, animation, comedy & drama), writing, reading some books or magazines, and traveling.

I graduated from Bachelor of Business Administration @Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Administrasi Mandala Indonesia-Central Jakarta on October 17th 2002. My jobs experiences are : a Life Insurance Freelance Agent @ AJB Bumiputera 1912 (from 2002-present), a Computer Instructor @LPKT Gramedia-West Jakarta in 2004 (only for six months), an Administrative Officer @Taman Bermain Islam Sabilia-East Jakarta in 2005 (only for six months) and a Nurse (taking care of my dad @home) for two years (2006-2008).

I’m looking for a nice guy, smart, religious Moslem person, open minded, communicative and have sense of humor. I hope someday I’ll meet him 😉



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